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Winterproof Your Roof

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Winterproof Your Roof

A serious roof problem can spell significant financial, safety and security concerns for the homeowner. The winter period is when homeowners must be most cautious, as there are various hazards that could occur as a result of heavy snowfall and freezing conditions. In this article, we’ll be explaining what these hazards are and the steps you can take to ensure that they are circumvented.

Can the snow cause my roof to collapse?

A snowed roof window of an old wooden house

Hazard: Heavy snowfall can crash against your home and cause serious structural damage to various features of your roof. If the snow settles, the extra weight coupled with the structural instability has the potential to collapse it altogether.

How to prevent: Check that your roof is in top condition before winter comes around. Any original structural damage will become extremely vulnerable during the winter. Keep your roof stable by ensuring that any structural damage is remedied. A professional roof maintenance company will be able to assess and remedy any damage on your roof.


Will my roof spawn ice dams in winter?

Hazard: The formation of ice dams are a common occurrence during winter and are caused by a combination of warm and cold temperatures on your roof. Many modern roofs use ridge vents, which do not allow for proper ventilation. Poor ventilation will keep the upper portion of the roof relatively warm in cold conditions. When the temperature outside is freezing, snow melts from the warmer, upper part of of the roof and runs down until it comes into contact with a cold edge and refreezes, forming what is known as an ‘ice dam’. As subsequent water continues to melt, fall and refreeze, the ice dam becomes larger. The formations of large ice dams cause various issues, one of which includes serious danger to below passersby. Ice dams are heavy and precarious; if one falls it can cause serious damage to people below.

How to prevent: We recommend getting your gutters and drainpipe cleared to reduce the risk of buildup.


Can the winter cause mould?

mold on winter window

Hazard: Another problem caused by ice dams is that as the ice dam grows, falling water is not only unable to drain effectively but is also pushed farther and farther back until they are backed up into shingles and flashing. When the water freezes and expands it can crack these features, causing gaps for subsequent water to get into and soak through the material underneath. Leaking water can cause damp in your attic and surrounding areas, which in turn can cause mould and mildew to grow.

How to prevent: Ensure that all your roof tiles are secure and there is no notable damage that could cause them to come loose. It’s possible that you need more vents. Have a professional roofing contractor assess the situation and check for any damp, mould and mildew.

Quadrant Damp Proofing & Timber Treatments offer a complete range of damp proofing and roof solutions. We offer a wide range of roof services, including repairs, maintenance, installations and refurbishments. To ensure your roof is protected for the winter, get in touch with our experts today.


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