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Do I Need a Damp Survey?

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Do I Need a Damp Survey?

Essentially, a damp survey allows experts to determine the full extent of damp within a property if damp-related issues continue to worsen, or if a property is being put on the market. When performing a survey, damp experts will do both an external and internal inspection of the premises

Once internal and external inspections have been completed, a feedback report will be produced incorporating any general building defects that may also affect internal timbers. If the property has a basement or cellar with access, this also will be inspected.

In this article, the AG team will be highlighting some telltale signs that your property could do with a damp survey.

Stains on your walls

One of the most common signs of a worsening damp problem in your home is the appearance and development of stains on the walls and floors. If your home isn’t properly ventilated, you may begin to see tide markings running along the bottom of your walls above the skirting board, which happens when water rising from the ground has evaporated. This problem can be particularly bad in bathrooms and kitchens, given the high levels of moisture.

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Mould in your bathroom

When you have a damp problem, it’s more than likely that the first thing you will notice in your home is mould. A good way to test whether the problem is serious is to clean away the mould on your wall using bleach – if the mould comes back quickly, then the chances are that you have a burgeoning damp problem.

If mould is the only symptom of damp you can find in your home, then you may just be lucky enough to nip the problem in the bud early. However, it’s worth getting damp survey just to be sure of the true extent of the damp.

Your wallpaper is peeling

If wallpaper in some of the rooms in your home seems to be peeling despite it being relatively new, the chances are you have a damp problem. Why? Well, if moisture has built up along the walls in your home, then this will likely liquify the glue holding up the wallpaper, causing it to peel loose.

If this has occurred, then it’s probably not clear how long this problem has been developing. As such, booking in a damp survey will allow professionals to get a proper idea and decide what work should be done.

Your skirting board is breaking down

If a damp problem has developed to severe levels, the moisture can affect wooden elements around the home. Skirting boards are usually the first elements which will be affected by the damp as they are closer to the floor. As the damp takes hold, the wood will become softer and eventually decay. If you notice this in your home, you should contact professionals immediately, before the issue can get any worse.

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If you think that you need a damp survey, look no further than Avant Garde Damp Solutions. As leading damp specialists throughout the North and West London areas, including Ealing and Hampstead, you can count on Avant Garde Damp Solutions to combat your damp problems efficiently and effectively. We understand just how important it is to act fast, so you can rest assured that our skilled engineers will quickly identify and rectify any issues. For more information, simply get in touch with us today.


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